Visual and sonic installation in collaboration with Juliana Zepka.

With the support of the Carnegie Foundation for the Peace Palace, The Hague.
Released for the Sandberg Graduation Show, 9-12 June 2022.

How is the art of gardening related to international law? As both fields share concerns of order and disorder, environmental awareness, border delimitation and harmonious ‘neighboring relationships’, Gardens of Law investigates these analogies in a visual and sonic installation taking the garden of the Peace Palace, seat of the International Court of Justice, as a case study. Through their authority, gardeners evaluate, frame and apply eco-logical principles on lands and their ‘inhabitants’ according to their needs. But to what extent is this authority needed to maintain a suitable climate of peace and cohabitation? What happens if these relationships are not mediated? What happens if there is no gardener in the garden? Filmed in near infrared and made of sound recordings from the garden of the Peace Palace, the installation aims to question the visible and invisible systems of human shaped territories as artificial enclaves building new realities.

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