Visual and sonic installation in collaboration with Juliana Zepka.

Premiered on 15.7.2022 as a live visual and sonic performance after a two week residency at Tempel (Amsterdam).

From first space observations to first travels, space has finally become a territory accessible to humankind and a new playground for ecological reflexion and speculation. Through a collaborative visual and sonic research on embodiment and the power of storytelling on inherited memory, The Overview Project works as a sensorial time capsule gravitating between collective narratives and intimate (hi)stories. The project re-introduces the viewer to well known and forgotten space footages through a montage combining text and an original soundscape composed on a broken pipe organ. As an echo to the vibrations of the organ, the work questions the fragility of time and our ability to “take a step back”, breathe and observe the world we live in.

Exhibition View, On the Brink of Remembering, Kunstverein Freiburg, 2022
Photos: Marc Doradzillo

Performance view, Tempel Amsterdam, 2022
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